Paket Lengkap Router Outdoor RB800 + R52HN

2 kg
Rp. 5.100.000,00
Detail Barang yang akan dikirim / dijual
satu buah RouterBoard 800, satu buah wireless MiniPCI R52HN, satu buah pigtail MMCX, satu kotak Outdoor, satu buah adaptor 48 Volt, dan satu buah PoE.

Spesifikasi Produk

  Product code RB800  
  CPU nominal frequency 800 MHz  
  CPU core count 1  
  Size of RAM 256 MB  
  Architecture PPC  
  10/100 Ethernet ports 0  
  10/100/1000 Ethernet ports 3  
  MiniPCI slots 4  
  MiniPCI-e slots 0  
  Number of USB ports 0  
  Memory Cards 1  
  Memory card type CF  
  Power Jack 10-56V DC  
  802.3af support Yes  
  PoE 40-56V DC  
  Voltage Monitor Yes  
  PCB temperature monitor No  
  CPU temperature monitor Yes  
  Dimensions 14cmx20cm  
  Operating temperature range -75℃ to +65℃  
  License level Level 6  
  Current Monitor No  
  SFP ports 0  
  SFP+ ports 0  
  Number of chains 0  
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